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The KOSAP Facilities Manager has received requests by various companies to assist them in finding partners/collaborators to enable them enhance their supply chain arrangements and product delivery mechanisms. In response, the Facilities Manager hereby avails a platform to enable importers, distributors, retailers, last mile entrepreneurs and financial institutions to find one another.

Important Note: The Facilities Manager will not carry out any evaluations of those submitting their names and will not take any responsibility whatsoever for any partnerships, collaborations or related agreements, verbal or written, between parties. Users of this platform have the responsibility to carry out their own due diligence. By availing this platform, the Facilities Manager does guarantee the correctness of any of the data provided and does not recommend any party.

If you are interested in this kind of collaboration, please CLICK on the following link to enter your details, to check contacts of others who have expressed similar interest.

Visit Collaborations Page

If you experience any challenges at any step, send an email with your name, phone number and the challenge experienced, to for assistance. You can also use our CONTACT form (see main menu).